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Many people underestimate the importance that tyres play in keeping your car roadworthy. Faulty tyres can affect the performance of your whole vehicle, so they should be checked regularly. Tyres are the only parts of the car which are in contact with the road. Acceleration, braking and steering all depend on this. It is therefore important that tyres should be maintained at all times.

ABC Tyres offers free tyre checks and we can also undertake both minor and major tyre repairs.

We give independent advice, with honest quality service, and the best possible prices on an enormous range of tyres. In fact, we have thousands of Car, Van and 4x4 tyres in stock! From premium through to budget tyres, we have a comprehensive choice of brands for all types of vehicle.

In order to help you find the right tyres for your vehicle we have classified our car tyre manufacturers into three categories: premium; mid-range; economy.  The three categories of premium, mid-range and economy have been determined as a result of our longstanding history and experience within the tyre industry. Tyre labels and the following characteristics are also taken into account when determining which category a tyre manufacturer belongs to: handling; rolling resistance; grip; wet grip; fuel efficiency; noise emission; tread pattern. Premium tyre brands such as Goodyear tyres, Michelin tyres and Continental tyres spend more on raw materials, design and testing than economy ranges, this means you are investing in safety, quality and performance.

At ABC Tyres we pride ourselves on our fair trading policy -If you don't require a service when we do a free check; we won't convince you that you do! Come into today for a free tyre check.

We stock all the major brands such as: Bridgestone, Pirelli, Goodyear, Dunlop, Continental, Michelin and Firestone. We also stock a vast range of Run-On-Flat technology Tyres for BMW’s and other prestige vehicles.

If you’re not sure what tyres you need or want to know which tyres are best value for money then please contact us or call on 01793 853208 to speak to our experienced team.

UK Tyre Law

The law requires a minimum tread depth of 1.6mm in a continuous band around the central three quarters of the tyre. To help you judge how much tread you have on your tyres, manufacturers mould tread bars at approximately 1.6mm around the circumference of the tyre. When these bars become level with the tread it is time to replace the tyre. However, for optimum safety, most manufacturers recommend that your tyres are changed at 3mm.

  • Avon
  • Birdgestone
  • Continental
  • Dunlop
  • Firestone
  • Good Year
  • Honcook
  • infinity
  • maxxis
  • michelin
  • nexen
  • pirelli